Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boots! omg, boots

Okay, so one of my favorite things EVER is... BOOTS. They're just so fecking hot, and in the midst of winter which we are now submerged in, they make a great outfit accessory. Finding the right pair can be tricky though, so here's some advice!

The Thigh High Boot:

Curtesy of: shoewawa

Okay, so these boots are for the TALL girl, the girl with some extra leg looking for that extra-sexy-appeal. If you are short, DO NOT WEAR THESE. The length will eat your leg, and you'll end up looking like a primordial dwarf. 

The Cowboy Boot:

curtesy of:neimanmarcus

Cowboy boots are great for the girl (or guy) who wants to say: "YO!" (okay maybe not yo...). 
More like: "Howdy! I'm a little rugged, but I'm still fashion sheik. I can get dirty, but don't actually scuff my boots because they were expensive." Try not to buy cowboy boots that look TOO western, because then you'll look like you belong at the rodeo. 

The Ankle-High Boot:

curtesy of:neimanmarcus

This Boot/Heel combo is super sexy, and looks great with a tight pair of jeans. These can be dressed up for formal wear, or dressed down for some nighttime attire. Just make sure you don't have cankles, or you'll stretch out the opening. No one likes a loose bootie hole. 

The Rain Boot:

curtesy of: neimanmarcus

Rain boots don't have to be the bigass yellow clunkers you remember from your childhood (but those can look schoolgirl hot sometimes), they can be designer water-resistent, ugly-proof footwear. Granted, I doubt the lace on this pair of Valentino rain boots is super waterproof, but damnit, who the hell would care with footwear that hot.

keep is fashy,

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