Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boots! omg, boots

Okay, so one of my favorite things EVER is... BOOTS. They're just so fecking hot, and in the midst of winter which we are now submerged in, they make a great outfit accessory. Finding the right pair can be tricky though, so here's some advice!

The Thigh High Boot:

Curtesy of: shoewawa

Okay, so these boots are for the TALL girl, the girl with some extra leg looking for that extra-sexy-appeal. If you are short, DO NOT WEAR THESE. The length will eat your leg, and you'll end up looking like a primordial dwarf. 

The Cowboy Boot:

curtesy of:neimanmarcus

Cowboy boots are great for the girl (or guy) who wants to say: "YO!" (okay maybe not yo...). 
More like: "Howdy! I'm a little rugged, but I'm still fashion sheik. I can get dirty, but don't actually scuff my boots because they were expensive." Try not to buy cowboy boots that look TOO western, because then you'll look like you belong at the rodeo. 

The Ankle-High Boot:

curtesy of:neimanmarcus

This Boot/Heel combo is super sexy, and looks great with a tight pair of jeans. These can be dressed up for formal wear, or dressed down for some nighttime attire. Just make sure you don't have cankles, or you'll stretch out the opening. No one likes a loose bootie hole. 

The Rain Boot:

curtesy of: neimanmarcus

Rain boots don't have to be the bigass yellow clunkers you remember from your childhood (but those can look schoolgirl hot sometimes), they can be designer water-resistent, ugly-proof footwear. Granted, I doubt the lace on this pair of Valentino rain boots is super waterproof, but damnit, who the hell would care with footwear that hot.

keep is fashy,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Be Careful! It's ripped...

Ripped jeans are a tricky member of the Pant's Society, and they must be handled properly. I think, under the right conditions, ripped jeans work well in an outfit. In many cases, however, ripped jeans are too ripped, and look trashy. Be Careful!

The Goods!
This is an example of a slightly rip, semi-acid-washed pair of jeans. It says: I'm a little edgy, a little rugged, but I'm not exposing myself.

curtesy of: diesel

Here is the female equivalent. It says: Yeah, I have a few rips on my jeans, but I still make it through the day because I'm an independent female.

curtesy of: diesel

A few ladies rocking the look:

curtesy of: people

Here is the ripped knee look. This one is more appropriate for a night out with the girls to a club/decent restaurant/shopping. But you can't dress it up too much. You can still look sexy as hell though... (note the heels)

curtesy of:diesel

The Bads...

This is, however, too much of a rip... Which Ms. Brandy so elegantly portrays for us:

curtesy of: denimology

Brandy is hot! Her rips are not... You don't want such big rips that your coochy-cooch can hang out. Leave a little mystery for the bedroom.

This girl looks as though she's fallen victim to a vat of bleach and a John Deer tractor...

curtesy of: pinkmonkey

I don't even know where a person would wear jeans like that. Actually, let me restate that: I don't know where a person would wear jeans like that without being really cold, getting caught on sharp objects, and being stared at for all the wrong reasons.

In my opinion, these are too ripped for a guy:

curtesy of: diesel

I can't think of anywhere a male could wear these and have it be slightly acceptable, except for shopping.  Or a really sketchy club.

Stay fashionable,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Thing that should NOT be Worn

Puffy. Jackets. Two words which, separately, are fun and useful. Together, however, they create an unwanted and unsightly article of clothing. Most people who wear a puffy jacket look like a marshmallow tied together every four inches with rope.

Look how hot this woman is on the right, and look how marshmellowy she is on the left. Is it because she's ugly? No, it's the fucking jacket.

curtesy of: dailymail
And here, we have the fuzzy-poof. This look is reminiscent of a moldy marshmallow, which no one likes, so why would you want to look like one? You wouldn't.
curtesy of: revolveclothing

Actually, puffy jackets just make you look like the fucking Michelin Man. And let's face it, if you're a girl watching your figure, that's the last person you want to look like. If you're a guy, well, looking like the Michelin Man won't help you get any action, because you'll be assumed a rapist.

curtesy of:fashion matters

Stay fashionable,
blue fashion

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elbows and shoulders!

Two things too often underestimated: the elbow pad and the shoulder pad. The power they wield... it's almost magical. Let me start with the elbow pad.

The elbow pad INSTANTLY adds class/sophistication/20 points to a person's IQ when worn. It says "I like staying warm, that's why I'm in a sweater, but I ALSO like to protect my elbows in case I fall down..."
This is a simple sweater adorned with elbow pads:

curtesy of: periotucci

Here is a trench coat with elbow pads (trenches are HOT too):

curtesy of: etsy

Here's another sexy sweater with elbow pads:

Curtesy of: gilt

Now... SHOULDER PADS! Okay, so I know shoulder pads immediately bring memories/nightmares of the 80s to mind, but don't judge. Shoulder pads should be embraced by women (under the right conditions). They evoke feelings of power and strength, and everyone knows a strong powerful woman has confidence, which will immediately lead to a boost in her sexiness.

Look how sexy and fierce this bitch is!

curtesy of:myddnetwork

Rihanna loves her some shoulder-padded dresses:

curtesy of:thefashionablehousewife

It doesn't always have to be a chunky shoulder either (if you don't think you can handle that yet), you can just wear something with an embellished shoulder.

curtesy of:closetobsession

And lastly, a salute to the queen of shoulder-pads: the Gaga

curtesy of: thefablife

curtesy of: sewhappyclothes

curtesy of: guilhermetakahashi

Obviously not everyone can pull them off like Gaga, but... I mean... it's Gaga, you just need to accept that she's better than you.

Until later,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweater Vests

Walking around campus today, I discovered an article of clothing that, at times, I hate, and at others, I don't mind. This is: the sweater vest.
What irks me is when a sweater vest is worn without an additional article of clothing over it. For some reason, I just feel like the person looks half naked, or like they're wearing socks without the shoes; it's just not complete.
Exhibit A:

courtesy of:prontostyle

Yes he looks happy, but he's actually wondering why his arms don't match the rest of his torso. Most likely, he lost his jacket.

The above is equivalent to:

courtesy of: long-grass

Exhibit B:

Courtesy of: the nytimes

This man looks much more put together, having found the jacket the man above previously lost.

curtesy of: broken and beautiful

AH, much better!

Until next time,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colors I like in the FALL

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Why? Because the colors are hot. And you can start layering clothing, which is also hot.

One of my favorite colors for any article of clothing in Autumn:
Why? Because you blend nicely with the fall foliage.

curtesy of: etsy
curtesy of: piperlime

curtesy of: jcrew

curtesy of: neimanmarcus

And it goes well with any skin tone...

Also, any shade of brown looks rich, sophisticated, and classy. Brown comes in a ton of shades, so you don't have to be limited to the "poop brown" palette, which people automatically think of when thinking of brown.

curtesy of: jcrew

But if you do stick with the poop-brown palette, it's still hot!:

curtesy of: jcrew

curtesy of: bananarepublic

Lastly, shades of deep red in any outfit is SEXY. Now I don't mean a full blood-red ensemble (red shirt, red shoes, red skirt, red bracelet), because you'll look like you're entire body is menstruating:

curtesy of:the-coveted

And yes, there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing."
Play it more subtle with just one red piece.

curtesy of: neimanmarcus

Prada came out with this bag and these gloves that are accented with red, and they make me cry every time I see them ('cause they're so hot)....

Curtesy of: neimanmarcus and

(sorry the second pic is so shitty; it wouldn't let me save it, so I took a screenshot.)

stay well-dress,

Things That should Not be Worn

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing someone make a major fashion faux pas. It's one thing if you don't match (which will definitely be another topic), but it's something completely different when you wear something that just looks REALLY REALLY BAD. 

Number one on my list is: the fedora hat. No one looks good in them, except like 2 people (Jason Mraz and Indiana Jones), and they can BARELY pull it off.

curtesy of:men-access and the green head

Just because someone looks good in something DOES NOT mean you will, too. Take this guy for example:

curtesy of: selectism

He's good-looking, right? Right. It's because of the fedora, right? WRONG. He looks hot because HE IS HOT, it's not because that mini-top hat on top of his head is a sex-beacon. He'd look a lot better with it off.

The general male population will end up looking like this man:

curtesy of: halloweenplayground

And if you're thinking "well that's not so bad," just leave my page now. Because you don't want to look like that. 

Number 2: Capes. For some reason known only to God, the big chiefs of the fashion world have decided that CAPES are in style. I kid you not. Women don't have much trouble pulling them off, if the cape looks more like a jacket:

curtesy of: omiru

But even then, they still look completely unprepared for cold weather because their entire stomach will be exposed to the freezing wind. Solution: just wear a fucking jacket. 

curtesy of:style

I'm sorry, but this bitch on the right looks like Lord Voldermort, and if I saw her walking down the street near me, I would run. The woman on the left just needs to button up; it's getting cold and just because you're wearing a cape does not mean you can fly.

This is a men's advertisement for a cape:

I really don't think I need to explain why that looks ridiculous.

Now I know there will be some people groaning and saying "oh well it's IN STYLE." Listen, just because it's in style, doesn't mean it looks good.

These pants were in style once:

That's all for this post

stay well-dressed.