Monday, November 29, 2010

Be Careful! It's ripped...

Ripped jeans are a tricky member of the Pant's Society, and they must be handled properly. I think, under the right conditions, ripped jeans work well in an outfit. In many cases, however, ripped jeans are too ripped, and look trashy. Be Careful!

The Goods!
This is an example of a slightly rip, semi-acid-washed pair of jeans. It says: I'm a little edgy, a little rugged, but I'm not exposing myself.

curtesy of: diesel

Here is the female equivalent. It says: Yeah, I have a few rips on my jeans, but I still make it through the day because I'm an independent female.

curtesy of: diesel

A few ladies rocking the look:

curtesy of: people

Here is the ripped knee look. This one is more appropriate for a night out with the girls to a club/decent restaurant/shopping. But you can't dress it up too much. You can still look sexy as hell though... (note the heels)

curtesy of:diesel

The Bads...

This is, however, too much of a rip... Which Ms. Brandy so elegantly portrays for us:

curtesy of: denimology

Brandy is hot! Her rips are not... You don't want such big rips that your coochy-cooch can hang out. Leave a little mystery for the bedroom.

This girl looks as though she's fallen victim to a vat of bleach and a John Deer tractor...

curtesy of: pinkmonkey

I don't even know where a person would wear jeans like that. Actually, let me restate that: I don't know where a person would wear jeans like that without being really cold, getting caught on sharp objects, and being stared at for all the wrong reasons.

In my opinion, these are too ripped for a guy:

curtesy of: diesel

I can't think of anywhere a male could wear these and have it be slightly acceptable, except for shopping.  Or a really sketchy club.

Stay fashionable,

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