Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Thing that should NOT be Worn

Puffy. Jackets. Two words which, separately, are fun and useful. Together, however, they create an unwanted and unsightly article of clothing. Most people who wear a puffy jacket look like a marshmallow tied together every four inches with rope.

Look how hot this woman is on the right, and look how marshmellowy she is on the left. Is it because she's ugly? No, it's the fucking jacket.

curtesy of: dailymail
And here, we have the fuzzy-poof. This look is reminiscent of a moldy marshmallow, which no one likes, so why would you want to look like one? You wouldn't.
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Actually, puffy jackets just make you look like the fucking Michelin Man. And let's face it, if you're a girl watching your figure, that's the last person you want to look like. If you're a guy, well, looking like the Michelin Man won't help you get any action, because you'll be assumed a rapist.

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