Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elbows and shoulders!

Two things too often underestimated: the elbow pad and the shoulder pad. The power they wield... it's almost magical. Let me start with the elbow pad.

The elbow pad INSTANTLY adds class/sophistication/20 points to a person's IQ when worn. It says "I like staying warm, that's why I'm in a sweater, but I ALSO like to protect my elbows in case I fall down..."
This is a simple sweater adorned with elbow pads:

curtesy of: periotucci

Here is a trench coat with elbow pads (trenches are HOT too):

curtesy of: etsy

Here's another sexy sweater with elbow pads:

Curtesy of: gilt

Now... SHOULDER PADS! Okay, so I know shoulder pads immediately bring memories/nightmares of the 80s to mind, but don't judge. Shoulder pads should be embraced by women (under the right conditions). They evoke feelings of power and strength, and everyone knows a strong powerful woman has confidence, which will immediately lead to a boost in her sexiness.

Look how sexy and fierce this bitch is!

curtesy of:myddnetwork

Rihanna loves her some shoulder-padded dresses:

curtesy of:thefashionablehousewife

It doesn't always have to be a chunky shoulder either (if you don't think you can handle that yet), you can just wear something with an embellished shoulder.

curtesy of:closetobsession

And lastly, a salute to the queen of shoulder-pads: the Gaga

curtesy of: thefablife

curtesy of: sewhappyclothes

curtesy of: guilhermetakahashi

Obviously not everyone can pull them off like Gaga, but... I mean... it's Gaga, you just need to accept that she's better than you.

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