Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things That should Not be Worn

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing someone make a major fashion faux pas. It's one thing if you don't match (which will definitely be another topic), but it's something completely different when you wear something that just looks REALLY REALLY BAD. 

Number one on my list is: the fedora hat. No one looks good in them, except like 2 people (Jason Mraz and Indiana Jones), and they can BARELY pull it off.

curtesy of:men-access and the green head

Just because someone looks good in something DOES NOT mean you will, too. Take this guy for example:

curtesy of: selectism

He's good-looking, right? Right. It's because of the fedora, right? WRONG. He looks hot because HE IS HOT, it's not because that mini-top hat on top of his head is a sex-beacon. He'd look a lot better with it off.

The general male population will end up looking like this man:

curtesy of: halloweenplayground

And if you're thinking "well that's not so bad," just leave my page now. Because you don't want to look like that. 

Number 2: Capes. For some reason known only to God, the big chiefs of the fashion world have decided that CAPES are in style. I kid you not. Women don't have much trouble pulling them off, if the cape looks more like a jacket:

curtesy of: omiru

But even then, they still look completely unprepared for cold weather because their entire stomach will be exposed to the freezing wind. Solution: just wear a fucking jacket. 

curtesy of:style

I'm sorry, but this bitch on the right looks like Lord Voldermort, and if I saw her walking down the street near me, I would run. The woman on the left just needs to button up; it's getting cold and just because you're wearing a cape does not mean you can fly.

This is a men's advertisement for a cape:

I really don't think I need to explain why that looks ridiculous.

Now I know there will be some people groaning and saying "oh well it's IN STYLE." Listen, just because it's in style, doesn't mean it looks good.

These pants were in style once:

That's all for this post

stay well-dressed.

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